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Probio Style: Advantages of the Product Line

General characteristics


First-generation probiotics generally only contain a single strain per capsule and a very weak concentration on the order of millions of CFUs (colony-forming units). This figure makes it possible to count the living bacteria that can form a colony through their reproduction. Given the fact that bacteria live in synergy with one another, this probiotic intake was insufficient for allowing fast and effective action.

It was at this time that second-generation capsules – which combined several different strains recognized for their properties – began to appear. In addition, since studies have shown that the effectiveness of probiotics depends on the number of CFUs present, more and more capsules have been manufactured with concentrations above 1 billion, and even up to 5, 10, and even 50 billion.

The capsules from the Probio Style product line are third-generation. That is to say that, for each product in the line, the formulation and general composition have been optimized to take the basic needs of the users into account. They therefore contain an expanded range of specific strains, CFU concentrations that allow for real colonization activity in the intestines, as well as a specific additional natural ingredient called a bioactive.

The capsules from the Probio Style product line are formulated without expensive fillers that don’t have any beneficial effects for the health. All our products feature the following characteristics:

  • Gastro-resistant vegetarian capsules that preserve the survival of the probiotics.
  • Free from allergens such as lactose, soy, gluten, milk, and fish.
  • Manufactured in a production facility that complies with the strictest and most recent standards for manufacturing health products issued by the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate of Canada and the U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Halal and kosher certification available.
  • Stable between 15 and 25°C.

Precautions and warnings

If you’re suffering from fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, or intense abdominal pain, consult a healthcare practitioner before use.

If symptoms of digestive disorders (e.g., diarrhea) occur, worsen, and/or persist beyond 3 days, discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner.


If you suffer from an immune deficiency (e.g., AIDS, lymphoma, patients receiving prolonged corticosteroid treatments), do not use these products.

Side effects

The ingredients contained in the Probio Style product line have been used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals for many years. There are no side effects related to the consumption of these products.

This product is generally well tolerated. In certain cases, an adjustment of the intestinal system is required. The symptoms are generally very mild and may include a slight bloating sensation and somewhat softer stools.